• Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-12-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 6:12

Music Video


  • Slipknot is dead?

    By Michael Mounce
    I just read that review and don't understand. Does the reviewer realize this is Corey's song and not supposed to be a representation of Slipknot in the music video. He showed his face in the Apocalyptica music video too, how did you feel about that?
  • awesome

    By Rainmanjazzyc
    i love slipknot with all my heart!! GO MICK THOMPSON! if u like this u should also get into Rage against the machines and Disturbed :)
  • The darkest song and video Slipknot has ever created.

    By Nine50SMT
    It's all in the title, and if you don't understand it then go put your slipknot shirt and mask on and listen to the loud stuff, rage, break stuff and leave this song for the fans that can understand it. This is an amazing video for a very dark song.
  • 6.75/10

    ?????????? Well I like the song in all, but the video is weird. It's hard for me to put the description of the video into words.
  • Smash Hit

    By Derbyboy21
    Well worth the $ to get. My 2nd favorite song by them behind sulfur. Still great song man!
  • Deep

    By *******ROCKSTAR*******
    The song was was my favorite from the beginning and then I saw the music vid. I can relate to this song and video. It give me the chills seeing what a deep person Corey is <3
  • Rare

    By Mr. J. Skellington
    I can never instances when the LGBT community is mentioned and not slandered in music. Thank you Correy.
  • I love this song

    By sammysammyboobear
    It is really dark lyrics, and I love that they let the lyrics stand for itself. The video is also really good. I just love slipknot
  • Awesome Video to an Awesome Song

    By Slipknotfreak817
    This video compliments this song perfect.... If you haven't bought it yet.... BUY IT!!!!!
  • EPIC!!!

    By sweeny todd is killer
    Alright, I dont write reviews all that much, and when I do its for the GOOD stuff. I just strated listening to Slipknot, and I love their heavy metal music, but I l;ike varity, I think Slipknot is awsome as a metal band. But I also think that they could sell alot of music if they did an album like 'Snuff' the song is awsome, and I love this video. I think if you dont like the song then your crazy, and whats more I think you should listen to it and read the lyrics. I look for songs I think symbolize me, and this is one song that I think EVERYONE can relate to, it also portrays human nature in some forms, and it also portrays the pain of love and how easily it can be broken by someone we love. So I think that I'll rate the following. Song is AWSOME!! Video is EPIC!! Passion WICKED!!! and overall I think anybody heavy metal fan or not will love this song and video. I sure as hell would buy it if I didnt already have it.

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