• Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-08-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:03

Music Video


  • No

    By Unclesamuel!!!!!!
    Ok the dude bellow me, yes Corey did say that, but if I'm not mistaken- that was in their "Iowa" era. Slipknot has changed a TON .Corey used to be silent and dark in interveiws- now he's cracking jokes, messing around, and still manages to be freakin awsome. Slipknot is NOT dead. In fact they are very much alive! Long live slipknot!! Rest in peace Paul gray!!!
  • slipknot is dead...

    By i pwn dem n00bs
    don't get me wrong... i love slipknot, and the first 2 albums, but from vol 3 on, they lost it... Just recently, Slipknot has released a Video for "Snuff". It's haunting, but in a good way. Slipknot also said that the day that they showed their faces, was the day that slipknot was dead. Corey Taylor did not have his mask on the entire video. You could see his face, plain as day, and what he said came true. Slipknot is dead. I'm sorry for all of those who i have dissapointed. They gave up their identity, and showed corey's face, and now slipknot is dead. Once they release their new album, i'll judge it, and then decide if slipknot is still worth my time. I'm sorry folks, but slipknot is a dead band. Good bye slipknot...
  • awsome

    By Tapout 3
    Great video from a great song from a great band.
  • Finally First!

    By Crash_Course
    Good video for a great song. But more importantly, I'm the first one!

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