Left Behind


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2001-10-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:37

Music Video


  • Creepy

    By Saint Shadow
    It's a very weird video and I like the intro. But I can't understand it very well.
  • (sic)love this song!!!

    By Knothead515
    I know people think it's gross that clown rips his head open.But I think it's awesome.Vary good song.Iowa is one of my favorite albums.The heaviest album.100000000000000000%(sic)
  • Left Behind

    By slipknotOBSESSED
    This song is about Corey (as usual) and the friends he made when he got kicked out. Don't let the music video fool you...he was 16 when he got kicked out. He had friends that took him in. This is not crap. This is tthe story of my life.
  • To the comment below

    This song is about a period of time hen te lead singer (Corey Taylor) was homeless, he made friends that he misses to this day, hence the line "we all got left behind"
  • It's good but...

    By Qcksilver
    Just like the song says they will be "left behind" when Jesus returns if they don't change their music and attitude. I really like this band but they are pretty freaky and evil when u watch them. I don't like paying for their music knowing that I'm supporting a band like this. As for the video...it's good and so is the song.
  • Duuuur

    By I'm stupid (//_-)
    I was waching the preview for this and I fergot it was a preview so wen it stopt brform the end of the song is scared the crap out of me
  • awesome

    By Dude soulja boy
    Great song and vid
  • Number one

    By Ollie22tt
    This song is the best song off of iowa and a good video
  • Awesome Energy

    By cloudpoundground
    These guys have a lot of energy ecspecially Corey cuz he sings and is the most hot I love you Corey
  • great song

    By halowars
    this is a pretty good song but if you want to hear the better and heavier songs by them buy their first album. if you want to see the best concert videos of slipknot when they first started go to hot topic and buy the 10th anniversarry cd of their first album. watch the video inside called 'of the sic' its AWESOME

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